Breaking News: Anthony Pettis misses weight for Interim Featherweight Title Fight

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis was unable to make weight for his Interim Featherweight Title fight with Max Halloway. After a reportedly tough weight cut Pettis stepped on the scale at 148 pounds (3 pounds over the limit of 145).

Max Halloway has agreed to still fight Pettis, who will forfeit 30% of his purse to the Hawaiian. Halloway is also the only one eligible to win the Interim Featherweight belt. Meaning, if Pettis wins he will not become the interim champion.

Halloway and Pettis were set to fight for the interim belt Saturday at UFC 206 after the UFC forced Conor McGregor to vacate the title and awarded Jose Aldo the title. You can be assured the McGregor camp will have a reaction to the latest mishap in the division.


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